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100% of the profits from every business in our portfolio of brands goes straight to helping those in need.  We are not your average multi-brand, multi-unit operators.  While DQ is currently our only brand, we plan to expand our portfolio with new brands and new locations for years to come.

All of our DQ Grill & Chills are owned and operated by Lakeview Center, a non-profit organization. Lakeview Center is a network of behavioral health, vocational and child protective services committed to a single mission: Helping People Throughout Life’s Journey. Read more

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Ice Cream for a Cause

Photo: Tra Williams, COO, Lakeview Associated Enterprises (LAE)

June 23, 2017 – Tra Williams hesitated in 2012 when he got a call from his former Georgetown professor, who asked if Williams would consider being an employee again. A franchise executive and former president of Planet Smoothie for Petrus Brands, Williams was now working from home as a consultant — and he enjoyed the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

But the former professor and head of convinced Williams this was a unique opportunity. A 60-year-old nonprofit in Pensacola was looking for ways to diversify its investments, and thought franchising might help its mission.

When Williams went to visit the nonprofit, Lakeview Center, it only took two hours and a short tour of the facility, seeing the people that it helps, to know this would be his next move. Lakeview Center provides services for people with behavioral health or addiction disorders and child protective services in 14 states and Colombia.

The opportunity led to a dramatic career shift for Williams. Instead of working from home, he now oversees a unique, and fast-growing, Dairy Queen empire — where profits go back to Lakeview. Read more

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